About Pension

Pension Nika is situated in a quiet cottage area of Prague, 3 minutes from the metro station Budějovická, 10 minutes by metro from the historical center of Prague (Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square).

We can offer you rooms with 1, 2, or 3 beds with the nice view.

For your maximum comfort each room has it´s own shower, toilet, phone, connection to the internet (Wi-Fi). Breakfast is dished up in a beautiful and pleasant dining room with a terrace.

Guests can use 3 parking spaces on the area of the hotel. Exit to the main highway E50 (crossing to Prague) is near.

You can order the transfer to / from the airport, excursions to choose, buy souvenirs and rental cars.

In 3 minutes from a shopping center, banks, business centers, shops, restaurants and bars.

How to make a reservation

You can book a room through a special reservation form on our site. We need the following information: the name of our guests, the telephone number and e-mail address (for confirmation of the room), the date of the arrival and the departure, and the type of room. Also you can order transfer from the airport to the hotel, or from the railway station to the hotel.

We are going to send a confirmation in the next couple of hours via e-mail.

Also you can make the reservation by telephone +420-774-404-243 if it is convenient.


The twin room with two single beds

Connection beds is possible. There are a toilet and a shower in each rooms. There are a fridge, kettle, TV and free Wi-Fi in each rooms. We can offer to you a hair-dryer.


The triple «mansard» room with three single beds SGL

Connection beds is possible. There are a toilet and a shower in each rooms. There are a fridge, kettle, TV and free Wi-Fi in each rooms. We can offer to you  a hair-dryer.


The superior triple room DBL

There are double bed and one single bed and sofa-bed in room. It is room with a bath and a toilet. There are fridge, kettle, TV and free Wi-Fi in room. We can offer to you a hair-dryer.


The rules of the Hotel

There are some rules of accommodation in the hotel for the comfort of our guests.

Time of the check-in has to be after 2 p. m. An early check-in is possible if the room is available.

Please check-out of the room before 11.00 a. m.

For your registration in our hotel we need your passport or ID.

All our rooms are non-smoking. You can find the smoking area on our terrace .

There are 3 parking spaces on the territory of the hotel. Please reserve a parking space if you need it. 

Breakfast starts at 7.30 a.m. and finishes 9.30 a.m. If you would like breakfast take-away please inform us.

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